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Wu Yurong, the general manager, was appointed to further education in Community Centre of Japan for Technology and Culture by China Association for Science and Technology, in 1989. During the period of further education in Japan, he was awarded many prices, including “second-level technician metal material testing”, “second-level technician heat treatment” and the bronze medal of “metal heat treatment testing”. After returning to Putian in 1993, he established Putian Rongxing Machinery Co. Ltd. In 2008, he was awarded “the outstanding entrepreneur of national mechanical industry”.

Our corporation passed ISO9001 in 2002 and put lean production management into practice. In addition, we have set up “provincial technology center”. With the application of CAD, CAE, CAM technology, we have developed a series of die cast moulds as well as technological equipment. We are equipped with advanced trilinear coordinates measuring instrument, spectrum direct reading Instrument, shadowgraph, universal testing machine, which are introduced from Japan, America, and Taiwan. Moreover, we have possession of Japanese imported checkout test set, production equipment, like large die casting machine, machining centre, automatic coating. Such an integrated production system we have that we are specialized in mould making, die casting, machine, coating, assembling. The number of production’s part and compartment is more than 400, including brake, brake shoe, hub, rear luggage carrier, pedal support, engine case and cover. We assort with  many engine plant such as Wuyang – Honda, Sundior Honda, Da Changjiang, Yamaha, Suzuki and so forth. Our corporation has been spoke highly and awarded many a glory, take “Fujian new technology enterprise”, “Fujian advanced unit in rate paying of private enterprise” and “the best credit enterprise in Fujian”. Since 2002, Honda has been appointing many groups of experts to direct the productive technology of brake and brake shoe, as well as quality management, which has largely improved the quality of the brake and brake shoe. At present, the number of the front brake of Today-Honda produced by us has imported to Japan beyond 1,200,000. Large thin-wall die casting, like rear luggage carrier imported to the west has reached 250,000.

In April, 2004, we are introduced the manufacturing technology of non- asbestos brake shoe from Japan Brake Industrial Co.Ltd. In both 2006 and 2009, leaders and technicians furthered education in Japan Brake Industrial Co.Ltd. and obtained certification, which laid a firm foundation for reaching the international standards of non- asbestos brake shoe’s manufacture. In domestic, the first corporation we are to measure up the European standard in non- asbestos brake shoe’s industrialization. For more than six years, we have manufactured nearly 30.000.000 piece of non- asbestos brake shoe, which makes a great contribution to motorbike. The part and compartment like engine box and cover has been acknowledged by Japan authority. Also, we mass produce mating to Sundior Honda. In 2007, we passed the quality surveillance of Yamaha、Suzuki, and was set as fixed manufacturing plant of imported motorbike’s brake!

With the vigorous efforts for 17 years, Putian Rongxing Machinery Co. Ltd has been selected as one of the best model enterprises. In the industry, we are awarded new product trial mating prize by Wuyang- Honda in 2003 and 2004, close cooperation prize in 2005, quality winning prize in 2006, excellent supplier in 2007, prominent service and VA proposition contribution in 2009; awarded quality progress prize by Sundior Honda in 2004, management progress prize in 2005, excellent supplier in 2007 and 2009; awarded quality progress prize by Da Changjiang Group in 2005, 2008 and 2009.Our purpose is: Target at one hundred percent safety for our customers, produce high quality product. We anticipate better, newer, more pleased future for Rongxing! We welcome customers’ coming to create a new world, the more, the merrier, for you and me! 

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